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Home Care

Caregiver and Elderly smiling Our experienced staff of highly qualified professionals offers a full range of home health services which include:

  • Skilled Nursing
    Our Registered Nurses (RNs) act as team leaders who coordinate all services, which are necessary for the well-being of the patient in order to improve his or her health. Our nurses are proficient in managing medications to ensure compliance and to decrease drug interactions and adverse effects. They are qualified to draw blood as ordered by physicians for lab work purposes.
  • Rehabilitation Therapy
    Our licensed physical therapists and occupational therapists provide services designed to treat a wide range of patient needs and improve functional independence at home. Each therapist provides treatment with various exercises and routines that can be continued once the service is complete.
  • Medical Social Service
    Our qualified Medical Social Workers (MSWs) are extremely friendly. They treat and counsel each patient as their own family.
  • Speech Therapy
    Our Speech Therapists provide excellent treatment with extreme patience to maximize the patient’s functional independence in communicating and swallowing. They also provide teachings to increase patient’s knowledge of speech, swallowing disorders and of appropriate treatment process.
  • Home Health Aides
    Our certified Home Health Aides (HHAs) provide personal care and/or assistance with treatment plans under the direct supervision of a registered nurse.
  • Specialty Services
    • Psychiatric Nursing : The specialty of nursing that cares for people of all ages with mental illness or mental distress, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression or dementia. Nurses in this area receive more training in psychological therapies, building a therapeutic alliance, dealing with challenging behavior, and the administration of psychiatric medication.
    • Diabetes Management : Our nurses work with patients and physicians to establish independence and management if diabetes and medications.
    • Wound Care : Our nurses are skilled and trained to provide proper wound management to reduce the incidence of wound recurrence, complication and infection. They also provide teachings to increase the patient’s and family’s knowledge of wound care, as well as the prevention of future wounds.
    • Dieticians : Our Registered Dieticians educate clients on their nutritional needs and how to go about attaining them.
    • Ostomy Care : Our skilled nurses provide teachings for ostomy care to increase independence and to decrease length of service and complications.

For home health care requests, please call 989-345-0033 and speak to one of our staff. We look forward to helping you in your health struggles. Thank you for choosing Michigan Premier Home Care and Hospice.

Stories from Clients

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