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Hospice CARE


Welcome to Michigan Premier Home Care and Hospice

Michigan Premier Home Care and Hospice is a highly regarded and reliable agency of home health care services. We serve home care, hospice care at our clients homes. We offer continuity of our excellent care to our clients. Depending on your level of care requirements, our staff designs a care plan that will help you adapt to a new living condition or work environment. We achieve this by coordinating care with your physician and family members.

As a home health care agency, we have seen the evolution of our healthcare system in the country. More and more people are turning to alternative care options and prefer healthcare programs that they are able to receive at home. Through home health care, this can be efficiently materialized. Our professional team of nurses, home health aides, therapists and medical social workers bring services straight to where you live. No worries, no hassles – just great care services for you and your family.

Stories from Clients

We will soon update our website with stories and testimonials from our clients. Please check back some other time. read more »